The dos and don’ts of Section 12J investments

Section 12J of the Income Tax Act continues become the buzz investment during the last few months of the financial year.  

The reason for this is mainly because many South African taxpayers realise very late in the financial year that they have a significant tax liability.

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The ins and outs of Section 12J investing

Section 12J as an investment class has seen enormous uptake by South African taxpayers who are looking to reduce their income tax or capital gain tax liability and receive a return on their investments. 

In this webinar, Jonty Sacks discusses various aspects of Section 12J investments, the impact of the new amendments to Section 12J and an overview of this market.  

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12 tips for taxpayers to better understand section 12J

By the end of February, most taxpayers are looking for every opportunity to reduce their tax liabilities.

“With the steady increase in popularity of section 12J investments, taxpayers are more and more looking to use this tax deductible investment class as a means to significantly reduce their tax liabilities,” according to Jonty Sacks, a partner at Jaltech.   

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Taxpayers invested about R1.6 billion in Section 12J projects

Interest in Section 12J has grown each year, with the current financial year being no different, says Jonty Sacks, a partner at Jaltech.

Taxpayers during the past financial year invested approximately R1.6 billion across the top 20 Section 12J investments, bringing the total market to over R10 billion….

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